Friday, 11 May 2012

Day 15 Rest day Burgos

Felt crap last night and so slept in this am. After a wander around and meager pilgrim rations for lunch I headed off in search of replacement shoes. 32deg heat taxi to a anaconda type megastore in the burbs identified that Spanish have small feet. My firm grip on this planet requires ~size 47 everything here stops ~45. So taxied back to the city waited for thier bloody siesta to finish and located two more stores (not collocated of course). I finally found one pair I'd Salamon xa pro 46.3/4 but in gortex so not sure if they'll be any good. I don't have much choice. I will have to carry both pairs of shoes incase these are worse than the broken inov-8s. Did I mention "we H-8 Inov-8".

Not quite the restful day I was hoping for but nice wandering the streets of such a pretty town.

Our Hotel is the one Martin Sheen stayed in whilst filming "The Way" so good enough for Marty.......
The city gates Burgos, one Stylish pilgrim
Meager pilgrim rations .... Again
Marty's endorsement in the loby

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