Friday 8 May 2015

├śrnen er landet

The Eagle has Landed.

I finally arrived at Copenhagen airport at 2pm. Following a brief (read almost non existent) customs and immigration process I was through the gate to meet Danielle. Of course she had her head in an electronic device so didn't see me but a quick shout fixed that and we soon embraced.

Off to the the train and a three hour trip to Kolding, our new home. I love the first train trip from the airport of a new place. Just watching the view pass the window and registering what's different and whats the same as OZ is so cool. It seems a very red and green place peppered with small towns, villages and Dannebrog (Danish Flags) peppered everywhere.

Arriving at Kolding station we hailed a cab to the little bed sit flat Gerty has rented for us until we find permanent digs. Soon refreshed and before I fell asleep too early we headed out for a walk around the town to get my bearings and to see Koldinghus (the local castle which had captured my net surfing fuelled imagination). We then settled in for a wine and steak at Cafe Mocca in one of the little town squares.

Gerty at our first night in Kolding
Koldinghus with one of the said Dannebrog atop

Thursday 7 May 2015

Doh, ..... Ha

I'm enroute to Denmark.

I chose to fly Qatar Airways again or as my mate David calls it "Air Guitar". It's the cheapest and shortest flight from OZ to DK at 22:50hrs. It also has great service and its transfer at Doha is perfectly timed from a jet lag perspective and it allows time for an hour long massage at the airport Spa. Or so I thought. Unfortunately I was a little out of it and forgot to allow for the late arrival time of my flight. So my blissful oily relaxed state was shattered when the masseur asked what time my flight left and said I had 10 minutes to make my flight. So I swung into crisis mode. Step 1 mild panic attack. Step 2 run semi naked through the spa facility to take a shower. Step 3 sprint through the terminal wildly trying to determine where my gate is. Step 4 bump randomly into the staff member that had been sent to find me and join her an a team sprint to the Gate.


I made it. I was also not to be the last on board so I  could relax and let another be the focus of the hateful stares of the entire complement of seated passengers. Ha