Wednesday 30 September 2015

Home Built

I feel slightly Dansk now that I've mastered the art of pulled pork. A Finish friend of ours, Maryja, dropped in for a visit last night and we demolished this and a bottle of red.
Said Pulled Pork

Tuesday 22 September 2015

Wee Down Under

My mate Leasky has a new toy.

After years of Triumph America joy Leasky has decided to join the adventure touring clan with a bright shinny new WeeStrom.

Check it out.

Leaskys New Toy

I look forward to our annual Tassie trip next summer where we can test its metal (and rubber) on the best roads in the world. Big claim, I know but don't trust me see MCNs reviewbelow

Saturday 19 September 2015

Lego Loop Suffers Snail Infestation

The weather was glorious today. Sun and clear blue Danish sky's providing a vivid contrast to the fluttering Dannebrog (Danish Flag) atop Koldinghus. I've got the 100km Lego loop wired now. Out and back to Billund with a coffee stop.

So out came the beemers. The ride was almost perfect except for the odd car ruining some of the better curves.

We stopped at what always looks like the only shop in Billund, the bakery. The coffee was passable but the snegl (snail) pastry was bloody superb. Yeah yeah its not paleo but I thought it would be silly not to have at least one Danish pastry whilst in Denmark. Yes, Theo I've weakened

Said Snegl

Tuesday 8 September 2015

Lego Loop produces espresso but look out for the tractors

Sunshine, blue skys and a new 100km loop programed in the GPS.

Last night I had strung together a few of the roads I discovered yesterday into a neat little 100k ride with heaps of twisty roads and saved this as a route in the GPS.

Todays ride was brilliant. Tiny rural roads and several faster B roads with very few straight bits or towns. I even had the opportunity to do some off road although this was not by choice.

I was riding along behind a large tractor on a lane and a half wide country road. I had been behind him for a few hundred meters  and could see the farmers face in the tractors huge mirrors. H ahd moved the right had side of the road continuing this way for some time providing ample passing room. So I slowly started to pass him.  As soon as I was in line with him he decide the field looked inviting and veered left into me. My only choice was to head into the fresly ploughed field (read bog) to check out what he was so eger to see.

Heart pounding and still upright I was OK but now truely bogged with my street oriented tires spinning uselessly in the mud. The farmer jumped out and walked over and started babbling in Danish. I understood the appology word but the rest was incomprehensible due to my ear plugs, helmet and weak grip on the laguage. I'm pretty sure it was the danish rendition of that timeless clasic "Sorry mate I didnt See you". Anyway, the framer gave me a push out and I was on my way again albeit with a little slice of Denmarks finest agricultural land coating my engine.

I was surprisingly unphased by the whole thing largely due to the extremely low speed that it all took place. I didnt let it ruin my enjoyment of the remainder of the ride to Billund.

Billund is the home of lego .. and pretty much nothing else. The town seems to be here for Lego and its airport. Its main street (Centrum) is small really small but it did have a bakery that served espresso. I ordered a latte with my now standard request that they use half the milk they were intending to use and sat out side to enjoy the sun. The late arrived still having twice the milk of an Australian latte but hey, it wasnt bad. I'll definitiely come here again but with frimer instructions to the staff.

After refreshements I rode back to Kolding via more great roads some retraced from the outward journey.

Great Day
Lego Loop

A bakery with OK coffee, bloody miracle

Monday 7 September 2015

First Light

Sunny today after a very average weather for some time so took the GS out to test the new Powebronze screen. I rode around aimlessly for a while but eventually ended up finding some pretty good (for Denmark) new curves between Kolding and Billund (Lego Headquarters). I´ll include these in a new GPS route tonight.

The screen, Well its better than the wunderlich in that there is no drumming from the chin vent in my ultra quiet Schuberth helmet. The air stream now lands just at shoulder height due to the comparatively increase rake of the screen. It would be even quieter if the top were say 4cm shorter and/or raked even further back, a mod I will consider in the future. All in all its great, it looks better and is much quieter than the Wundelich with only a little extra turbulence sneaking around at waist and shoulder level.

Looks like tomorrows forecast is good so I'll test ride of my new Lego loop tomorrow and see if all the Lego money has cause an espresso vendor to brave it and make real coffee.

Saturday 5 September 2015

Wet and Wild(ish)

Today looked like the days of rain and or visitors were finally clearing. So I was poised for a ride. Alas although it seems clearing this afternoon the wind is horrible.

Off I trotted to my coffee house for Kaffe and cryptic. When I arrived I found a beer tasting festival in the Town square that had been going since 6pm yesterday. Beer stalls for tasting, Danish/Irish bands on stage and of course rain.

The Danes don't let the rain come between them and beer or for that matter anything. Its kinda nice as they are always up for any out door activities or events regardless of weather. Just as well as the Kommune seems to have arranged events almost every week.

Anyway I had a couple of coffees and then hung around listening to the bands in the rain. I think the following sums it up.
Beer waggon taking punters from tasting to tasting

Here's hoping for a ride tomorrow where I can also try out my new screen.

Friday 4 September 2015

New Screen

I think I mentioned the screen I bought for the GS was causing buffeting. Well to day I took delivery of a new  Powerbronze tall screen and as the weather was again very average I installed it today.

It certainly looks better than the Wunderlich. It's shape seems to fit the combination of curved and angular lines of the F700GS. It is also more swept back, curved and looks less door like. Hopefully it will spill air onto shoulders and leave the helmet in cleaner air.

On the down side it is not as wide and it uses existing 4 mounting bolts. So it looks as though it will wobble more than the Wuderlich which had an extra support mount.

Keen for some fine weather to try it out.