Saturday, 19 September 2015

Lego Loop Suffers Snail Infestation

The weather was glorious today. Sun and clear blue Danish sky's providing a vivid contrast to the fluttering Dannebrog (Danish Flag) atop Koldinghus. I've got the 100km Lego loop wired now. Out and back to Billund with a coffee stop.

So out came the beemers. The ride was almost perfect except for the odd car ruining some of the better curves.

We stopped at what always looks like the only shop in Billund, the bakery. The coffee was passable but the snegl (snail) pastry was bloody superb. Yeah yeah its not paleo but I thought it would be silly not to have at least one Danish pastry whilst in Denmark. Yes, Theo I've weakened

Said Snegl

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad I don't live there. Unfettered access to Danish Pastry would be a slow death sentence for me. Very enjoyable but a slow road to corpulence.