Wednesday 28 October 2015

New York Tour

The good lady Wilde was on a world wide work trip that, amongst other places, put her in New York for 5 nights. So I purchaes a relativley (AUS dollar is crap at the moment) cheap ticket and off I went.
Having never been to the US I figured NYC was a good place to start. However, I'm not normaly a big city kind of traveller and my first preference for the US or any country is the natural wonders a place has to offer. 
Well, New York was a real blast. A cultural and sensory assault in a nice way. Im not sure I'd like to live there but what a place to visit (regularly).

Day 1 

I awoke to traffic noise, sirens, construction noise. Sleep was not an option with so much to see, just as well as the Hotel we were staying in was the worst I've ever experienced. I wont go into it but make sure you remove the Hotel Pennsylvania (Read rat and roach) from any future plans. Apart from being central its is appalling on all levels and not cheap.

Any way to day started a walk to Grand central for Bagel + cream cheese and coffee whilst watching the ants going about their business in this spectacular building. From there I walked to the UN, visited a tiny little garden sponsored by Catherine Hepburn, up to Central park including the first Apple store then the full length of the park and back to the Guggenheim.

WTF the G was closed so much for the city that never sleeps. So back I walked to the Hotel

16km, 3 blisters and 200 photos, priceless

Grand central

Just a wee peek at the Chrysler building


Catherine Hepburns Seat in the Catherine Hepburn garden

The first Sotre
Central Park

West side from across central park

Saki bar in SOHO

Fifth ave

Times square + road works

No idea
click to enlarge
From the long island ferry
Fulton subway station roof

World trade center memorial

World trade center memorial

World trade center tower

World trade center memorial

World trade center memorial

Rockerfeller centre ice rink

Flatiron building

Brooklyn Bridge an Engineers wet dream

Picaso sculpture exhibition at MOMA

Brooklyn - GENSPACE - BIOFABRICATE 2015 WORKSHOPS My my silk dyed by bacteria

Emipre state and lower Manhattan from the Roc

Manhattan Bridge

23rd st Subway

View sth from the Roc

Stranger - Subway