Monday 30 April 2012

Day 4 Hielo is for ice - Larrasoana to Pamplona 17km

Taxi from Burlada back to Larrasoana where we left off last night. Public holiday again today so nothing open. Walked to Pamps (right past the hotel) and caught bus back to hotel.
Alas dear readers today was a bit of a down day of which i'm sure there will be several on the camino. I was tanking due to being tired and calves/Achilles acting up etc with the black dog not far behind. The way was hot/cold rainy/overcast and the camino travels close by major roads or literally through city streets. All in all just head down, stop talking and get it done type scenario.

The highlight was the walk through the old city of Pamplona which was beautiful and deserted. This section was somewhat tainted however by the need for a bano (toilet) when all were conveniently locked for the holiday. So I'm afraid no photos to share.

Achilles on ice

Sunday 29 April 2012

Day 3 Rocensvalles to place where the Achilles gives out (28km)

Beautiful days walk, tiny trails (albeit very muddy) quaint little villages and little to no rain. However it's a public holiday here and after 22km to Zubri we were greeted by absolutely no accommodation. Decided to walk to the next town(6km) where also too much dismay and frustration found there was no accommodation either. God knows how they deal with the summer crowds. Mmmm what to do? I know beer! And a taxi to Pamplona, our destination for tomorrow, to stay in a hotel there. Will catch taxi back in the morning to continue the Camino unbroken.
Video on the trail

Camino today

Saturday 28 April 2012

Day 2 Orisson - Rocensvalles 19km

6:30 start in the dark to get to Orisson (again) for the famous euro breakfast ie coffee in a bowl toast jam juice. Another night of snorers and people rustling bags at 5:00 am. I'm impervious with my 32db ear plugs.

Pissing with rain and low cloud so a pretty long slog with only a short stop for a bocodillo (sandwich French stick style).

About 4hrs later (12:00) arrived at Roncesvalles and checked in. Achilles hurting like a bastard today but it was 18km up hill so to be expected I guess. I'm showered and warm now sitting at the bar addressing a Heineken. No photos today too wet.

Everything is caminoefied. The are scallop emblems every where even the chair coverings. The way is clearly an economic boon.

This is the vino tinto de casa provided with this evenings perigrio menu.

CAMINO Day 1 SJPDP to Orisson 8km

Trying to conserve my healing Achilles chose to make the first day short as it is 27km to the next main town. So walked in low mist up hill to Orisson. Orisson is just an Alburge for those wishing to break the first day. Its very nice so spent the arvo eating, quaffing a bottle of vin rouge and polishing off a cryptic I'd brought from home. The Gite etape we stayed in was 1km back towards SJPDP so has to make several trips up and down to Orisson extending the days km reading by about 4km.

Friday 27 April 2012


Bus from Barcelona to Pamplona great views but boy they love their wind farms 100s of Kms of them. Journey took (6hrs) so arrived about 9pm and checked into nice hotel (20 euro) slammed down a few bevies and a meal then sleep awaiting the trip to St Jean Pied De Port.

Next morning booked bus to Roncesvalles. They only have one bus a day it leaves at 3pm and only goes to Roncesvalles so the taxis can make a living from there to SJPDP. Spent the day looking around Pamps eating drinking and posting camping gear on to Santiago.

Bus now

Arrived at Roncesvalles low cloud freezing and no taxis. Finally one came and of to SJPDP with zero visibility and some very smelly Brazillians (the nationality not the hair style).

Arrived SJPDP after 9pm and after much stuffing around found the credencial office still open and got a scallop shell and pilgrim passport (credencial) and then we were paired with two Spanish guys to get the last beds in the town. We followed these guys for about 1km as the yelled out "pelligrino" at ever white house. Clearly being lead by fools we headed back into town and stayed at the Alburge we had meant to all along ie about 200m from the credencial office.

Wednesday 25 April 2012


Love Barcelona. Arrived roughly on time and no hassle with entry, in fact just wandered through with less fuss than a domestic flight in OZ. Tapas, beer, wine and a beautifully friendly city. They'd be buggered from a tourism perspective if it wasn't for Gaudi, he has put them on the map. The Metro is great here but there are apparently loads of pick pockets so I was constantly at Defcon 5.

Heading off to Pamplona this arvo by autobus 6 hours

Thursday 19 April 2012

Double Down

Achilles procedure was a success so I'm off. However, the Dr also prescribed a few meds for the trip. Bugger this lot has almost doublet pack size. I'll need so
E serious down sizing to fit it in.

Saturday 7 April 2012

Ice is for cocktails

43 years ago packed and ready for my first solo adventure.

Wind the clock forward and things are no way near as traumatic but way more complicated. Well yes I am packed or could be at a moments notice, yes I'm exited, but ready, meh. 43 years have taken their toll and I've just had last minute PRP injections in right Achilles to fix an injury that would be less than useful whilst tempting to walking 1000s of kms. Consequentially I've had to delaying my departure by a week or so to cater for an accelerated recovery from this procedure. So for now its, no walking, ice twice  daily and I expect a shit load of DVDs.

Ice is for cocktails, isnt it?