Monday, 30 April 2012

Day 4 Hielo is for ice - Larrasoana to Pamplona 17km

Taxi from Burlada back to Larrasoana where we left off last night. Public holiday again today so nothing open. Walked to Pamps (right past the hotel) and caught bus back to hotel.
Alas dear readers today was a bit of a down day of which i'm sure there will be several on the camino. I was tanking due to being tired and calves/Achilles acting up etc with the black dog not far behind. The way was hot/cold rainy/overcast and the camino travels close by major roads or literally through city streets. All in all just head down, stop talking and get it done type scenario.

The highlight was the walk through the old city of Pamplona which was beautiful and deserted. This section was somewhat tainted however by the need for a bano (toilet) when all were conveniently locked for the holiday. So I'm afraid no photos to share.

Achilles on ice

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