Sunday, 29 April 2012

Day 3 Rocensvalles to place where the Achilles gives out (28km)

Beautiful days walk, tiny trails (albeit very muddy) quaint little villages and little to no rain. However it's a public holiday here and after 22km to Zubri we were greeted by absolutely no accommodation. Decided to walk to the next town(6km) where also too much dismay and frustration found there was no accommodation either. God knows how they deal with the summer crowds. Mmmm what to do? I know beer! And a taxi to Pamplona, our destination for tomorrow, to stay in a hotel there. Will catch taxi back in the morning to continue the Camino unbroken.
Video on the trail

Camino today

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  1. Hi Marcus, following your progress with great interest. Unable to view your video - it is set for 'private'. Good luck