Sunday 22 November 2015

First Snow

 Awoke to my first Danish Snow fall. It was beautiful with light floating flakes falling most of the morning. Only a small amount has survied to the evening but it was still brilliant. Hopefully it doesnt snow tomorrow as I have to ride my motorcycle to Language school.

Snow on our balcony

Snow on the castle

Wednesday 18 November 2015

Danish 101 - Run Forest Run

Running is the number one participant sport in Denmark. They are crazy for this shit. The minute it rains and-or gets dark out they come decked from head to toe in Lycra, beanies, gloves, windproof jackets and of course the latest trail shoes. All this with splashes of fluoro (hopefully only for this season)

Apart from needing to shed a few kgs, I think I need to join in this madness as part of my integration to danish life. So today I took action.

I went for a walk to scope the local forest "MarielundSkov" for future 5 - 10 k runs. What a find. This little gem has been siting on my fridge door in the form of a tourist brochure (in Danish) for months now. Rather like one of those sponsor a starving African child photos or a forgotten gym membership card.

Only 700m from my door and the trails continue for 20km out of Kolding. I only walked about an 8 km loop where I discovered lots of trails and single tracks along creeks with little hills etc. There is great amount of variation for a small place. In short a beautiful place for a run. It also has marked mountain bike single tracks with various difficulties and obstacles.

Now all I have to do is fix my Achilles...again. Worst case I have a beautiful place for a walk.