Monday, 7 September 2015

First Light

Sunny today after a very average weather for some time so took the GS out to test the new Powebronze screen. I rode around aimlessly for a while but eventually ended up finding some pretty good (for Denmark) new curves between Kolding and Billund (Lego Headquarters). I´ll include these in a new GPS route tonight.

The screen, Well its better than the wunderlich in that there is no drumming from the chin vent in my ultra quiet Schuberth helmet. The air stream now lands just at shoulder height due to the comparatively increase rake of the screen. It would be even quieter if the top were say 4cm shorter and/or raked even further back, a mod I will consider in the future. All in all its great, it looks better and is much quieter than the Wundelich with only a little extra turbulence sneaking around at waist and shoulder level.

Looks like tomorrows forecast is good so I'll test ride of my new Lego loop tomorrow and see if all the Lego money has cause an espresso vendor to brave it and make real coffee.

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