Friday, 8 May 2015

Ørnen er landet

The Eagle has Landed.

I finally arrived at Copenhagen airport at 2pm. Following a brief (read almost non existent) customs and immigration process I was through the gate to meet Danielle. Of course she had her head in an electronic device so didn't see me but a quick shout fixed that and we soon embraced.

Off to the the train and a three hour trip to Kolding, our new home. I love the first train trip from the airport of a new place. Just watching the view pass the window and registering what's different and whats the same as OZ is so cool. It seems a very red and green place peppered with small towns, villages and Dannebrog (Danish Flags) peppered everywhere.

Arriving at Kolding station we hailed a cab to the little bed sit flat Gerty has rented for us until we find permanent digs. Soon refreshed and before I fell asleep too early we headed out for a walk around the town to get my bearings and to see Koldinghus (the local castle which had captured my net surfing fuelled imagination). We then settled in for a wine and steak at Cafe Mocca in one of the little town squares.

Gerty at our first night in Kolding
Koldinghus with one of the said Dannebrog atop

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