Thursday, 17 May 2012

Day 21 Bercanios del Real Camino (23.8km)

Clocked over the 400km mark today.

The morning ws a complete success finding a German run hostel that served muesli for breakfast. Wish we had stayed here last night. This town also sported some underground house hobbit style. I guess to avoid the heat.

Still same scenery of the Mesetta. Still the same hacking cough and blisters. The poppies and corn flowers that litter the side of the camino keep your spirits up as does the opportunity to randomly go through you entire itunes collection.

Bercianos is a two horse town with one Alburge and one Hostel. Nothing really to do here other than to wait until 7 for the sun to weaken then try one or two of their G&Ts. Man these are good. free pour triple with heaps of ice and lemon often served in a large wine glass which more resembles a fish bowl than a drinking vessel. All this for 4-6 euro clams. (Notes on weight loss expectations whilst on the Camino will follow once I have enough data. Let's say for now it's not looking good)

Hobbits seem to exist

First ever muesli seen in Spain
Meseta morning

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