Saturday, 19 May 2012

Day 23 Leon (20.4km)

Luxury late start today as it was raining and therefore no need to beat the heat. Plus the Leon accommodation was already booked ( so no amazing race factor.

More of the Meseta trudge again today until you start passing the towns leading into Leon. Tip for this bit, read the guide book carefully. The bridge at the entry to Puente de Villarente is indeed dangerous and I was nearly taken out (missed by that much) by a car trying to squeeze passed me and an oncoming truck (without slowing down of course). Kathryn was behind me had an even closer call so much so we had to stop to recover at the cafe right after the bridge. I wonder how much of their business is due to pilgrims needing to recover from shock. Now I know why they drink in the mornings.... just to calm their nerves.

Arrived at Leon around 3 I was feeling crap as the Ebola lite has gone to my head so off to bed.

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