Thursday, 24 May 2012

Day 28 Astorga. (~16km)

Last day of the Meseta. The whole walk today was along a road beside a road so on went the iTunes. See photo.

Passed the 500km point today. Not sure where it was.

Made Astorga in reasonable time but absolutely knackered for a walk of that short distance.

First stop a medical clinic to check out what I suspect is bed bug bites that Kathryn has been carrying for three days. Today they are blistering so help is required. The Dr reckons she has chicken pox. Not sure I trust him but Kathryn is drugged and quarantined for the next few days and has an excuse to feel really tired all the time as if 6hrs walking each day was not excuse enough. At least the hostels can't turn her away with this diagnosis. Where as bed bugs are a federal , I believe.

Astorga is fiercely hot today so will sleep untill cool enough to see the city wall, cathedral etc which looked particularly spectacular on the way in to town.

Gaudi plaza for drinks and pasta beautiful square with cathedral on one side and the muses de Los pilgrim in the Gaudi designed palace.

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