Sunday, 27 May 2012

Day 30 Moulinaseca (~26km)

Alpine start and 6km to breakfast at Foncebadon a little alpine looking village with the best chocolate croissants ever. All the towns today experience snow over winter so all look a little more "Heidi-ish". Very pretty. Purple heather covers the mountains here and makes them all look a bit Scottish. The trail climbs gradually gaining 800m before reaching the highest point on the camino which is not marked. However just prior there is La Crux de Ferro which is an anticlimax little iron cross on a pole surrounded be 5m high pile of stones placed by pilgrims. (some bringing the stone especially from their home for this purpose) unfortunately this means hundreds of pilgrims all queuing to get there photo taken at the top of the pile. Bugger that I just by passed them and got the second last room in the town after which dorms we're the only Orion.

From the cross you drop to a tiny place called Manjurin (see photo) which consists of a shop/alburge/shrine with no running water or electricity. It is run by a guy and what looks like his wizened wife. He gets around in knight Templar outfit and is apparently a camino classic character.

The track then climbs to the highest point on the camino before dropping down, down through more little towns until you arrive at Moulinaseca. This down hill section has revealed more irritating blister capabilities of the new shoes.

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