Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Day 33 Alto do Poio (~21km)

Passed the 600km mark this morning.

Earlier than alpine start on country roads past more high motorway bridges (see photo). Where the flock they got the money for these i dont know and they appear to only support a few trucks every now and again.

From here on it was up up up through beautiful little paths/roads with switch backs an tunneled with vegetation. Breaky and a coffee stop only and arrived at Alto do Poio by 1pm. This place is situated on a small pass and has two alburgues and that's it. It was nice to sit and knock back a beer and an empanada whilst watching pilgrims gasp their way up the last of the climb. All the time with chickens pecking around our feet.

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  1. Hi Marcus, the end is in sight. I am amazed at the diversity of landscapes you're walking through. I'm starting to think Spain may be a great location for a bike ride. All the best Theo