Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Day 6 100k mark and onto Estella (22.7km)

Left Peute LR and a superb cafe hoping to grab breakfast in one of the two towns over the next 7k. Well beware the hungry pilgrim Maneru and Cirauqui have no coffee, no nothing, bar the later having a hole in the wall bakery with vending machine coffee. So pissed off were we that we missed the celebration of the first 100k mark in Maneru. Any way, rather grumpy without our coffee and breakfast, we trudged to Locra which had a couple of little Alburge cafes where I consumed the mandatory Bocodillo, beer and coffee.
The next 10k was an absolute nightmare. My left calf completely stuffed up and my right Achilles and calf no better. I had to do a sort of cliff young / POSE running kind of gait to maintain any sort of progress.
Finally made it to Estella and stayed in our first parish alburge run by the local church, it was very squishy and had rather puritan rules about time but it was friendly, welcoming and I was well over walking.
After a small kip and laundry duty we went into town to sit in the bustling town square to drink and watch the world go by until a restaraunt opened (8:30-9:00pm). Most restaurants have
"Perigrino menus" and these are pretty good at 11euro for a three course meal and half a bottle of wine. You do however feel a little like Sienfelds parents lining up for these.
As all soft tissue below my knee had frozen solid, walking around town was bloody slow and I'm sure amusing to the locals. I experienced how hard it is to cross the road in your eighties.
The Puente LaRiena

Lunch Uterga

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