Friday, 4 May 2012

Day 8 Viana (19km) Something Went Ping

Past the 150km some time today.
Legs bad again this morning but after lunch at Torres del rio something went ping and my left calf freed up. So much so that for the first time
in ages actually caught up with Kathryn before Viana.

More vineyards olive groves, and white asparagus fields agin today everything is very green and very much like the pictures in the big green coffee table cooking book about the camino. (forgotten the name)

The Viana pub, Casa Armendariz, serves a mean "Carajillo De Ron Quemado" superb, rum, cognac and espresso, (Italians call it ponce)

A few of the pilgrims that have been in sync with all checked into a nice posh hotel tonight so we followed suit. Still only 35euro each

Camino today
Stylish pilgrim

Viana main street 4pm

Posh hotel

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  1. Gday Marcus - back from Oz now and just chillin after a week of work - got 3 days off now due to a bank holiday so yay. Looks fabulous your walk. I'm just looking up hotels in Dubrovnik - have you booked anything ? Cooma