Sunday, 10 June 2012

Dubrovnik part one

Flew from Santiago de compostela to Dubrovnik and checked in to a hotel in Lapad, a holiday resort area just out side the old city riddled with Poms and Germans lying on the stony beach and sucking down beer. We are here for three nights as the crew arrive. Anthony, Alison and David today and Cooma and Sandy tomorrow. We then pick up the boat on Sunday afternoon after technical and nav briefings.

Until then we all explored the old city of Dubrovnik which is picture postcard material but awash with Tourists. It's kind of like a heritage Euro Disney. We all had a beer at a bar that sat on the cliffs outside the walls and swam in the water below. It was accessible via a hole in the wall and many stairs. Once seated and beer in hand it was hard to believe it existed. So stunning.

We ate in the old town overlooking the harbour as the sun set the town cats descended and rubbed against our legs hoping for scraps.

Looking forward to getting on the boat as I've taken enough photos (hard to take a bad one) and shuffled past enough tourists.

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