Monday, 25 June 2012

Plitvic National Park - Croatia

Staying in the Plitvic lakes national park for a couple of nights. The park is a UNESCO heritage site and is beautiful with cascading blue lakes connected by waterfalls. The blue is betrayed by the photos but they might give you an idea. This is of course Europe so the park whilst beautiful is packed with people all dawdling along the walking trails smoking, not giving a shit if someone is trying to pass etc.

Apparently there are bears hear but the only ones I saw were the gummy bears in my pack.

The accommodation is a bit alpine meets communist resort so lots of ski chalet type dwellings with peeling paint and wonky shutters etc. it's very cute in a run down way.

Finished the day lying on a sun bed enjoying a cigar watching the sun set and the little bats swooping around the trees as the night landed. The lakes are formed on top of a cave system hence the water clarity and the bats.

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