Thursday, 5 July 2012

C2C Day 1 St Bees to Cleatus (15.8k)

It's been pissing with rain ever since arriving, almost a week ago now. But this morning, first day of the walk, the sun was out and we had beautiful blue skys. In fact, you guessed it, it was bloody hot.

Big cooked breakfast this morning so no need for lunch today. Which is just as well as there were no shops until just near Cleatus (sounds like a Simpsons character). Ii was prepared if things went south as I had purchased a British classic survival food, Kendal mint cake. No idea what it is but it's featured in mountaineering books and world war survival stories so I thought it was just the ticket incase the pubs were closed.

Much of today was along the coast where apparently Puffins can be spotted. Alas after hours of searching and almost falling because I wasn't watching my foot placement I spotted exactly zero Puffins. Bugger. At east the coastal scenery made up for it.

The area here has had 11 days of constant rain so it was extremely muddy underfoot. My shoes slipped all over the place as most of their tread was worn off on the Camino so I'll get them replaced as soon as I hit a major town in a few days or so.

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Kendal mint cake - good enough for Hillary on his Everest conquest good enough for me
Touching the Irish sea as is customary

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