Sunday, 15 July 2012

C2C Day 10 Keld (Pry House farm) (19.3k)

Half way mark today at 161km.

Today we also left Cumbria and entered Yorkshire. It also included entering the second of the national parks we travel through ie Yorkshire dales nat park. (all creatures great and small, James Herriot country) The national park has quite a few grouse shooting areas with little stone semi circular hides or "Butts" where one is allocated a shooting spot.

Shooting seems easy.
Basically one needs to dress in tweed and Barbour. Liqueur up on fine single malt to the point where one forgets where the deed to the estate is hidden and probably more importantly where the keys to the range rover are. Then it's just a matter of waiting for a herd or commoners to beat the shit out of the under growth with sticks causing the grouse to fly straight over you. It is now just a matter of shooting the shit out of anything that moves or shows promise of moving until the sky is clear. Your done, now congratulate your self and friends with another wee dram the find the frickin keys so you can get to the next set of butts before starting all over again.
After a long climb we arrived on the high moors home of the Swaledale breed of sheep and the haunt of grouse shooters. We walked off the moors in rain so stopped for cream tea at a local farm. From there it was a short few ks to find Pry House Farm B&B just outside Keld.

After a kip the farmers wife drove us down to Keld hotel for a few pints of Black Sheep (Beer brand) and beautify meal of duck salad, lamb roulettes and lemon tart. I finished of with a single malt before the publicans daughter gave us a lift back to the B&B
for a well earned kip.

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