Tuesday, 17 July 2012

C2C Day 13 Rest Day Richmond

Pottered around Richmond today starting with probably the best coffee I've had since arriving in the UK at Sip Cafe. Then it was off to visit Richmond Castle, or what's left of it.

The most interesting part was learning it was used to jail conscientious objectors during ww1. There were 16 in total that were eventually sent to the front along with the another 34 ww1 hard core COs. Here they were ordered to fight or assist and when they refused within a battle zone they had committed a crime so were jailed for 10 years with hard labour where they were treated so badly all but a few died.

Following the castle we popped into to see the movie Salmon Fishing in Yemen at the Richmond cinema. An interesting cinema in that its a not for profit community run organization situated on the old converted railway centre. It's very modern and very cheap ie 6£ (9$). The movie was fun but I preferred the book which doesn't have the happy ever after Hollywood ending.

Off for a curry now. What a treat curry and a movie only the order is wrong :)


  1. Hope you find a nice curry place - some of them tend to have food full of sugar and colouring. Has it stopped raining up there yet because it hasnt down here, even if the jet stream is being shifted north for the Olympics!

  2. Great photos by the way - a definite one to do when Sandy and I have the time. PS I'm now a Level 1 Kayaking coach after a 3 intensive weekends!