Saturday, 7 July 2012

C2C day 3 Borrowdale (23.7k)

Contrary to the flood warnings last night I arose to a beautify sunny day with blue sky's. Apparently the dark art of weather forecasting in Britain is even less accurate than back home. The floods are still on though just in the south of the country.

Today's walk skirted along Ennerdale lake for half the day at the end of which we chowed down on roast beef sandwiches prepared by the pub for us this morning.

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  1. Hi Marcus, just caught up with your travels again, looks very interesting especially the beers. Heading off on the bike tomorrow for lunch at Warburton. Not sure if you've caught up, but the cafe we usually visit for coffees (under the bakery) is closed and up for sale. Have been using Three Sugars which is fantastic. Keep your head above water.