Wednesday, 25 July 2012

C2C Roundup


Distance walked = 364km

Total ascent = 7546m (that's Kathmandu to the top of Everest)

Total days to complete = 20

Total walking days = 18

Total rest days = 2

Avg dist per walking day = ~20km

Min distance on walking day= 7.8km

Max distance on walking day = 26.8km

Rainy days =~ 1

Overcast but dryish days =~ 15

Sunny days (read hot) = 4

Avg daily spend = ~66£ (100$AU)

Avg accom = twin room with small or shared bathroom in a pub/B&B

No of nights in dorm accom = 0 yay did stay at one youth hostel

No of walkers per year = ~10k (2011) this year less due to the rain

3 fondest recollections

- having nothing to do but walk inc the up hills my favorite (seriously)

- the villages, pubs, churches, farms

- the country side, Green stones, sheep, gills, stiles, stone walls, tarns, etc etc. The whole coffee table book scene every day.

3 least favorite parts

- bogs with cow shit

- physical, banging my head on low doorways. I still have the scars

- midges. I only came across them once but still have the scars

Main surprises

- the weather every morning the forecast would be for floods etc every day it didn't happen while we were walking

- I put on weight due to the great beers and the fatty pub food. Still lighter than when I left OZ though.

- how swollen my Achilles are compared to Camino. They work ok up hill but shocking on the down hill.

- how cheap England is. I never thought I'd say this but it is cheaper than Australia.

- the power shower is still alive and well and still a complete misnomer.

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