Saturday, 4 August 2012

Iceland - simply stunning - Eyjafjallajökull

Yep the volcano that caused all the trouble in 2010. We took a 4WD for a couple of hours (including an hour of crossing rivers) to the start of a 7hr hike.

This scenery caused RSI in my camera finger. The walk covered ultimately climbed ~1000m to the peak of name that erupted two weeks earlier and triggered the eruption of .
You could see a lava fall (like a waterfall) and the aftermath of this lava eruption. On reaching the higher areas and summit the ground was still steaming and was too hot to touch with your hand. From the summit about 800m away we had a perfect view of Eyjafjallajökulls crater. This volcano who's name translates to islandmountainglacier is, as the name suggests, under a glacier hence the reason for so much ash and also why it just looks like a snow covered mountain. To climb this is considered still a bit too dodgy and it is all snow covered so not as volcano looking as the one we climbed.

Still can't pronounce the E word but it sounds really cool when the guide says it.

From the summit it was a 3hour descent back to the 4wd and a few hours back to Reykjavik where the guide chatted about what it was like living in Iceland. Sounds like Christmas is a wonderfully time here a very long celebration and apparently they have 13 santas which are evil.

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