Monday, 27 August 2012

TMB Day 3 - Refugio Elizabetta

Today's walk was largely up hill climbing around 1400m. Ouch!

Along a road for an hour to Refuge de Mottets for an early lunch of soup. Then up to Col de la Seigne 2516m which sees us cross into Italy. So it's mt Blanco for a while.

I like climbing but i do find these ascents really taxing more so than I'd expected. I've done a lot of walking and at higher altitudes but I think it's the steepness of the ground (ie inclined not steps) that's the difference.

I'm also still not appreciating the vistas as I should. Don't get me wrong they are spectacular magazine stuff and in my favorite of all settings ie alpine. But, these last days I've lost my "give a shit" and I think the black dog has enthusiastically come along for the ride (it is Europe after all and they all seem to take dogs with them walking or to restaurants)

Refugio Elizabetta is in a beautiful setting below mont Blanc (photo) and served a great meal. The cold shower with blocked drain was a little challenging.

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