Thursday, 30 August 2012

TMB Day 6 - Refugio Bonatti

A punishing 3hrs climb to col de Sapin from Courmayeur. Half way up and in between gasping for air I was lucky enough to spot an Ibex (mountain goat/deer thingy) briefly before it heard me and buggered off. The trail was decked with wild blueberry looking things but fearing a rerun of "Into the wild" I didn't sample them.

After a quick bite we set of down hill then back up again to col de . For days now I've been trying to see a marmot. You can here them squeaking all around but not easy to spot. That was untill now. The tramp down to Refugio Bonnatti passed through a broad wrinkled meadow that was positively in feared with Marmots going about their Marmot ways. I lost count of how many I saw but I was so absorbed I took us on a little detour to an un mapped hut thinking it was the Refugio. As small
Course correction saw us at Refugio Bonattii soon after. This is reportedly the best Refugio in Europe and was extremely well run, clean, and comfy. Unfortunately we had a dorm room so we received another gentle reminder that we humans are all ultimately selfish beings.

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