Saturday, 29 September 2012

GS OZ day 2 - Robe 450k 4:45hr

Port Campbell was a very pretty little town. Unfortunately we awoke to rain so on with the wets. Very windy ride to Warrnambool for breaky.

Bloody oath. Cross winds gusting to 50kts over a six and a half hour ride. Some of the scariest moments i've ever experienced. Ended up blown onto the opposite side of the road a few times. The rain was just an added bonus.

The gear performed well. I was dry and relatively warm. Would not have wanted to be on any other bike either.

Safe and warm in Robe (SA) where we will stay 2 nights so leasky can watch the Grand Final. I will support the Swans by sinking beers and munching on a few pies.

Sry dear reader, no pics today. It's too foul.


  1. Guys, it's great to see you're underway - wish I was there, instead I have to sit in the sun on the Sunshine Coast. Have a safe ride and Rosa and I will be following your adventures.


    1. Thanks Theo. jin me when I get around to NSW? I'm loving the GS can't believe how good it is.