Sunday, 7 October 2012

GS OZ Day 10 Madura 521k 5:17hr

What a brilliant day. 10mims after seeing the sign warning of animals I had to stop as a family of camels wandered across the road.

Next up the Nullabor proper started.

After a short detour to the start of the Bight I saw whales. There where heaps of them, mothers and baby's just playing around, not 100m from shore.

Onward to the bight where I took several side dirt roads to get right up close to the edge.

Saw several bits of road marked as emergency runways for the RFDS.

I had to pull off the road four times as a semis heading east carting huge mining truck pieces took up the entire road (both sides).

I had to swerve to miss a snake. Not sure what it was but its was brown and angry with its head up.

Passed over the boarder into WA after a brief stop and cavity search at the quarantine station.

At Eucla I took another dirt road to see the ruins of an old telegraph station which is partially buried by shifting sands.

Phew exhausted and thrilled. All that and 520km so now I'm hold up at Madura for the night.

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