Thursday, 11 October 2012

GS OZ Day 15 Cervantes 520k 8hrs

Big day late start. Rode the coast road to Dunsbourogh then up the coast to Perth.

Here I picked up a piece that I need to attach my tank bag (map etc) to my tank. It wasn't ready before leaving so just told them to hold it and I would pick up when I rode through Perth. This will give me some extra room as the tank bag has been in a pannier since Melbourne.

Next stop to pick up a helmet cam so I can shoot video and stills from the bike and helmet.

Leaving Perth as quick as possible was my goal but Perth was a sea of traffic jams. This is contrary to the experience I had 18 years ago when the locals boasted no traffic jams. Guess they have grown too big for their boots with all that mining boom stuff.

Finally out of Perth at 3:30 I rode the Indian Ocean drive up the coast for a couple of hours to Cervantes. This place is near to the Pinnicles Desert that I will visit tomorrow. The ride was spectacular with storm clouds brewing on my right and my first sunset over water on my right.

The light over saturated the greens and bleached the weird sand hills that just pop out amongst gras tree plains on the inland side of the road.

This was also a scary ride as I broke the rule of not riding after 4 as this is when the animals come out. Sure enough there were roos everywhere preparing for their suicide missions.

Arrived at6:30 knackerd and pulled into the first motel I saw as couldn't be bothered looking around.

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