Tuesday, 16 October 2012

GS OZ Day 20 Carnarvon 360k 4hr20

Awoke and sauntered 100m to the beach, it's dolphin time.

Just me the dolphins ...... and 100 others. It was quite nice to see these puppies up close but also kinda sickening that its so touristy. Everyone ignoring the rangers requests to hold the line and stay out of the water so they can get a view to the detriment of others etc. Having said that its definitely worth a look especially for kids. Oh and if you want to feed them you have to be picked. Only 6 people are chosen at random by the Japanese tourist volunteers with the fish buckets.

Tips for being selected.

1, Be female. I think only one male was selected and he only because he had a child on his shoulder.

2, Wear a distinctive coloured T shirt that a Japanese tourist can pronounce the colour of. Ie red, pink, orange.

Ps they don't only chose kiddies i think one kid was chosen.

After the dolphins had scoffed third fish and pissed off I wandered up for a leisurely breakfast before the long lonely road to Carnarvon.

The malee scrub is endless, hot and beautifull. A whole lot of nothing full of something.

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