Tuesday, 9 October 2012

GS OZ Day12 Albany 480k 5:20hr

I started today with an exploration of Esperance coast road including the sensational beaches of twilight bay and pink lake (which wasn't).

Then it was on to Albany. I did stop to check a property that a friends partner is looking at buying. Beyond that the road swept through very lush rural areas with the odd eucalypt plantation thrown in.

The last 100ks was cold and rainy so I was pleased to hit Albany. Unfortunately it took about 40 mins to find the motel as the GPS had it wrong and ios6 has crippled my iPhones maps.

Indulged in a great curry at the curry leaf restaurant.

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  1. Marcus, glad to see you're enjoying the finer things in life as well as the two wheeled adventure. You and the Beemer should be old friends by now. We're still on holiday so I am really missing mine and looking forward to a good hard ride soon. Cheers Theo