Sunday, 14 October 2012

OZ GS Day 18 Rest day Kalbarri

Just rode around looking at stuff, had a coffee, did the cryptic etc oh BTW the rock has become deep red just like I expect the Kimberly's to be like and the water is brilliant turquoise.

Wow whales again. This time they were breaching, summersaults, tail flapping and fin flipping. I sat there for some time. (pic below has tiny whale tail evidence)

Everyone loves a whale even those environmental terrorists the Japanese (albeit with steamed rice, wasabe and served in a petri dish to ensure its scientific). There is something about watching whales that gives one hope that the planet will be OK and that even they will survive the human virus. Delusion I know but delusion is powerful and after all happiness itself, is a delusion.... best embraced.

Gave my mate Ming a call to get the low down on the days to come. He and the family have spent some time in this area. Basically I hoping going the wet is not too early this year otherwise I could be riding through and having to come back for some of the key experiences at a later date.

PS , ming assures ne that The break here is supposed to be one of the best left handers in OZ (see pic) but it wasn't working to well today.

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