Monday, 5 November 2012

GS OZ Day 40 Darwin

Took the Beemer in for its 10,000k service and new tyres at Cyclone Motorcycles. I was very pissed off as they hadn't got the front tyre in that I had ordered nor they call when there was a problem as I'd asked them to (Fuckers). They then tried a few excuses so I started swearing which felt good but was not resolving my issue as I was stuck and waiting for delivery would have now cost an extra $600 accommodation which makes an expensive tyre. So I settled for the rear I wanted and a Mitas E07 front (in the wrong size). I'll put up with this one until I can get what I want.

"Baby got new shoes so daddy got some too" My old boots were disintegrating so I bought a new pair. I got some BMW Saratoga's that are designed for dual sport but not too "Power Ranger" off road looking. These have more protection, Gortex lining, proper grippy sole (had a few slips on my old pair) and these will be a lot less tiring when standing on the pegs on dirt.

While waiting for the bike I visited the WWII oil tunnels. These were built post japanese air raid to supply navy ships with oil that was safe from air raid. However, they took so long to build (pick and shovel style) that the war ended and they were never used (where have I seen that kind of strategy and implementation cock up before mmmm).

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