Thursday, 8 November 2012

GS OZ Day 42 Litchfield 165km 2hr

Slept in then headed sth to Litchfield National Park. Checked into a cabin then headed out to see some stuff. The magnetic termite mounds were a little disappointing as they are roped off so you can't see them very well. But they are cool looking like a church yard these mounds are all flat to present the smallest cross section to the north so as to maintain there internal temp at 30deg.

Next stop Florence Falls for a dip in the pool under the falls. Crystal clear water with fish. Stayed in there until the storm clouds started building up then I headed off for a few laps of the roads around here. Apparently these are the best (twisty) motorcycle roads in NT and Darwin bikers ride down here just for the curves. At the first spots of rain it was back to the cabin.

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