Wednesday, 14 November 2012

GS OZ Day 48 Alice Springs 345km 4:00hr

Relatively short hop to Alice only stopping for petrol. I arrived in time for lunch and a proper coffee.

I am catching up with a mate Tonight that I met when working in the Snowy Mountains Hydro Authority way back straight out of uni. David and has wife Margaret Hewett live a fascinating life working all over the out back and often leading scientific expeditions into the middle of nowhere. It was brilliant to see David and Margaret after all these years nit much changes really. had s great meal (veggies at last) and a very interesting evening as David had just returned from a scientific expedition gathering Acacia seeds for world vision. Apparently these seeds are extremely high in protein and the theory is if they can find the right sort that will grow well in Africa it will establish a hardy food supply.

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