Thursday, 29 November 2012

GS OZ Day 64 Bowen 600km 10:00hr

The ride down Palmaston hwy was smooth, curvy, no traffic and only 2 road work stops. It would be well worth a rode up the hill also.

Coffee and breaky in Inisfail to cap of a great morning.

From here on I stopped counting the no of road works after 15. Constant stopping and cooking in the heat. The road is boring straight, low speed limits, hopeless drivers, single lanes in each direction. The scenery is lush cane fields that go on and on and on. I can't help thinking that just maybe we consume too much sugar. (And not enough rum) no wonder we're obese.

I stopped at 3:30 in Townsville after cruising up and down the Strand which is the cities only reframing feature. A foreshore promenade that has been done up and goes for many blocks. Nice and cool sea breeze but no swimming due to the stingers. I had a quick drink and decided to stay in Bowen another 200k.

Finally after more of the same I arrived at 6:30 and procured a bed and a Guinness.

Bowen is one of those "Gateway To" places. The promotional claim of "Gateway To" is one step up from "Tidy Town". It basically means you must pass through this place to get to the actual attraction but not before being fleeced in some way.

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  1. Mate ... you are effectively dissing Cooma here - Gateway to the Snowy Mountains ... how dare you! Hope you are having a great trip.