Sunday, 9 December 2012

GS OZ Day 73 Byron

Had lunch today at the pass cafe. One of my favourites and have been coming hear for years. It is however under new management and the prices are now ridiculous focusing more on through put than experience.

On this, school has certainly changed since I was there. I'm sitting opposite a table of about 20 tail end schoolies. All male wearing designer grung clothes and sporting enough product in their high maintenance ruffled hair to start a candle shop. They are all tucking into $35 fish and chips, $11 beers and zambucca shots. Clearly they are schooled only as a legal requirement as they would easily be voted "most likely, never needing to work". The wagon train of range rover sports in the car parck with "congratulations on your graduation" personalised number plates should have been a warning.

Caught up on some washing only to find this feral beast (pic) sleeping on my drying T shirt. The resident Motel sloth.

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