Sunday, 6 January 2013

GS OZ Day 102 Traralgon 145k 2hr

Woke this morning and headed of to Metung for breakfast with Frank, Suz and Anna. Over eggs we hatched the days plan to go for a sail on the Gippsland lakes on Franks Hobbie Cat. So back at the farm all the equipment was made ready whilst I returned Franks beloved Ducati (pic) into its rightfully home on a track stand in his lounge room after yesterday's coffee run.

The rigging of the cat took a wee bit longer than expected as it needs a little maintenance and several key bits either broke or fell off. It t was late buy the time i pushed Frank and Anna off into the water possibly never to be seen again, so I had to get Suz to drive me back to the farm so I could leave for Traralgon.

The ride along the highway was woefully slow so I switched to the back way through Maffra etc arriving later than expected at my mate Theo's for a few celebratory beers and a cigar.

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