Tuesday, 8 January 2013

GS OZ Day 104 HOME in Port Melbourne 168km 2:00hr

After 104 days, 23,540km and a million memories, I have completed my lap of Australia on my trusty BMW R1200GS managing to keep it shiny side up.

After a big sleep in this morning at Theo and Rosas' I headed off on my last days ride of the tour. Arriving without much ado in Port Melbourne in the afternoon I did a compulsory lap of beach road to let the brain know it was real. Then I made the final right hander and there I was in my drive.

I wonder what it'll be like tomorrow, not packing and climbing aboard?

Now the next adventure Mmmmm? This trip was so much fun I've a good mind to have a weeks sleep and do it all again.


  1. What an amazing adventure, Marcus. Good on you!We loved having you to stay - stop by again on your next lap.

  2. Hi Marcus, congratulations on a remarkable adventure. It was great to catch up for a few celebratory beers and a coffee ride to Walhalla. I was hoping you'd post some photos of the homecoming and here they are. Well done!

  3. Well done mate ... as if to celebrate our hedgehog has reappeared again although in hibernation. Must seem a long time since you werent baking to death. Now for the withdrawal symptoms ... or are you off again somewhere else?