Thursday, 18 June 2015

Happy birthday to me in the Koldinghus rape dungeon

Gerty took me for my birthday dinner at the Madkælderen Koldinghus a spectacular restaurant in the cellars of the old castle.

As you descend the stairs and loose the natural light I couldn't help but think "Rape Dungeon" and was bracing myself for the gimp suit and ball gag. But as our eyes adjusted to the lower light the atmosphere revealed itself to be cosy and viking like with lots of wood, sheep skins, barrels and candles with not a hint of PVC to be seen.

The food was spectacular. It was a set menu of never ending courses each one weird and delicious. For example the first dish was a potted asparagus with edible dirt made from honey and a substrate of some form of mayonnaise. The wine service was also interesting it was a self serve selection on a side table with about 12 different wines to match with all the courses. We were guided through this performance by charming a and helpful waitress.

Definitely coming back here. Thanks Gerty

The cellar at Kolding haus


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