Tuesday, 23 June 2015

N Jylland - Chaising Daiseys

Today I went chasing daises again but this time headed north to where the the land wrinkles due to the receding ice sheet, back in the day (the ice age day that is). I'm sorry but no map or pictures, but what a ride. I managed to track most daises and fluked the correct turns when the signs disappeared. There was a bit of everything, lots of little twisty country lanes, jump ups, forests, tree covered roads, lakes, wild life (voles, pheasants, and squirrel looking things) and no traffic. I'm not really sure where I rode but I roughly headed to Horsens then west in and around Silkeborg finishing in Ry before bolting back to Kolding via the Motorway as I'd been out for 4 hours.

I hope I can find my way back here again and hopefully find a decent bloody cafe.

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