Monday, 29 June 2015

Weimar and Bauhaus

After much 160km-h autobahnstorming we  arived late in the afternoon in Weimar. A cute little town with a rich history. We checked into a boutique hotel and quickly got out of our sticky )40deg today= bike gear and sat on the roof top terrace for a bit before heading out to the town square for a feed and a well earned beer.

The reason for our visit was that the professor had to give a lecture at the original and famous Bauhaus University. We were treated to a tour of the facilities by one of the professors collegues. Not a pretty campus compared to some but it had a great feel. The history of the Bauhaus movement is well documented and a quick wiki seasrch will give you the details but for now I'll give you my take away.

It was an artistic movement between 1919 and 1935 that seemed to want to return function to form as a priority driven also by the modernism movement. Students of the movement we first grounded deeply in building things or "Making" in todays terms. This meant all students were first taught the trades inc carpetry, metal work, ceramics etc etc etc before perrsuing their "Art". Hitler put an ewnd to the movement as he saw it as a threat as too left wing and intelectual.

I was blown away by the workshops at the uni. Huge wood, metal, ceramic, plastics etc workshops as well as the more common making environments of today 3D printing, laser cutting and arduinos.

I loved the place. you may find the old schools output a bit harsh. but you can see its influence on Industrial design, architechure, and art today. The Maker culture of today would love it.

The Professors Billing

The original Bauhaus Mark

Rooftop terrace at our hotel sans G&T

A lazy Rodan lying around in the foyer

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