Sunday, 19 July 2015

Chasing Daiseys - Fyn Helnæs

Today we decided to head to Fyn the central main island of Denmark. We bypassed the pulled pork burger coffee stop in the hope that a suitable coffee stop later in the day.

The destination today was Helnæs Light house. A tiny light house that sits on a tiny spit of land on the south west of Fyn. The round trip is only about 250km but with 80km/hr limits on most roads and 50km/hr in towns, of which there are shit loads, progress is slower than one perceives.

The Route
The ride out was pretty bloody great with several daisy diversions to some little country roads, large stately farm houses and tree covered lanes. Finally as we reached Helnæs the land fell away leaving only a little strip to access the island and we were suddenly surrounded by sea. The island itself was very small but had some nice narrow roads which eventually lead to the light house where we stopped to take in the scenery which today included included some tall ships rounding the point and of course get a coffee. Or so we thought, you guessed it in spite of the loads of visitors all walking around and taking in the scenery which included some tall ships rounding the point not a bloody cafe in sight. So we saddled up and took a more direct route back to Kolding for coffee and sustenance at my favourite cafe.

The spit of land to  Helnæs

Helnæs Light House

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