Sunday, 5 July 2015


Today we rode north to Rostock at the top of Germany where we took a ferry across to Denmark and rode north to Copenhagen to visit my friends Ange Tim and Ella who were staying there for a week.

The ride was pleasant if not exciting and the ferry trip was 2 hours so I managed a little kip on the deck in the sun. By the evening we had arrived in Copenhagen and met up with my friends at the little apartment they had rented.

The next day (hot again) we decided to take the train north and visit the Louisiana Gallery that had an African exhibition on the go.  Louisiana is a spectacular gallery set within the rolling grounds of its sculpture park  featuring sculptures of Max Ernst, Henry Moore, Alexander Calder, Jean Dubbufet and Joan MirĂ³. All of this overlooks the coast with glimpses of Sweden on the far shore. This is a must see if you come to Copenhagen

We return to Copenhagen and decide that we had not had a good enough catch up so we stayed another night
in the sweltering heat and I made nachos for all for dinner.

Next morning we headed out for the 3 hour motorway ride back to Kolding so Gerty could get to work.

Waiting for ferry to dock

Dog toilet on the ferry WTF

Louisiana Art Gallery

Ang Tim and Ella at Louisiana (Thats Sweden on the horizon)

The gang Just before goodbyes

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