Friday, 24 July 2015

Hard wired Daisys - Silkaborg

After much net surfing I finally deciphered the Garmin turn by turn route planning process. I have  now loaded my favourite twisty ride to date from several sources and my unreliable memory.

The sun was out so I headed north to test it. Yippee It worked perfectly and I rediscovered the incredible ride I found about a month ago but thought I'd lost forever. To celebrate I stopped in Silkeborg for a coffee. Mmmm very average latte for $8 AUD this coffee situation is dire

Silkeborg coffee stop
The route now securely stored in GPS

1 comment:

  1. Marcus, motorcycling without decent coffee is a hard concept to get my head around. Might be a business opportunity unless the Danes prefer shit coffee. I must admit it is hard to find a decent one in the Northern Territory as well.