Thursday, 16 July 2015

Windscreen test

The sun is out and I'm over my man flu or more accurately Ebola Lite. Time to dust off the Beemer and tests this windscreen.

The route was a test of my ability to program my GPS with a downloaded route of the Daisey Route. I loaded the section I wanted to follow pressed go and headed north to Århus. The ride followed freeways at 110 and 130kph so gave a good test of the screen. 

And the results? Well it certainly takes the presume off the body but it buffets my helmet around and the once noiseless Scubert C3 now is drumming if I open the vents. The vibration is similar to my R1200GS stock screen when upright with the result being that my eyes jitter for an hour or so after the ride as my brain has got used to the vibration and compensated. For me (6 foot with longish torso) the design is may be 2 inches too tall and/or the rake is too steep. The turbulent zone is too deep at about 20cm when it hits the rider. The still zone is fine and the laminar zone is quite. Swept back screens tend to reduce the turbulent zone depth and allow laminar flow over helmet and have a high still zone, they do however provide higher pressure in where the thinner turbulent zone hits the rider (hopefully at shoulder height).

I'll keep it going for a bit before I piff it or take the jigsaw to it as removing it is too much hassle. Lets see how I adap. I may try the power bronze it looks like it is swept back more and also looks easier to trim down if needed.

The ride? Well more manual Daisey chasing I'm afraid as the GPS route stopped giving directions just after Århus (yes I know a first world problem) . I lost the route and road aimlessly through suburbs until I spotted a fellow motorcyclist that I hoped was heading somewhere nice. Sure enough, a daisey appeared, so for a short while nice curves at 80 following the coast northwards through villages and summer house areas. It even took me past the Rosenholm Slots.

Rosenholm Slots

This didn't last too long as I encountered the "Margueritruten special" an unmarked T intersection. Taking the wrong turn lead to some nice roads but mostly less desirable ones that didn't resolve to anything useful. I had run out of puff and needed coffee so hit the home button on the GPS and zoomed back to Kolding. 

On this coffee  thing. Denmark has many small villages but their adoption of the cafe culture and espresso machines is immature at best. So the destination coffee shop ride list is empty so far. You can go all day and not pass a cafe.

Good to be back on the Beemer.

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