Tuesday, 5 March 2013

More Walkabout

First day back at work and I'm surprised at the weight I feel and find it difficult to put it into words. Miles Franklin kindly sums it up for me
"My sphere in life is not congenial to me. Oh, how I hate this living death which has swallowed all my teens, which is greedily devouring my youth, which will sap my prime, and in which my old age, if I am cursed with any, will be worn away! As my life creeps on for ever through the long toil-laden days with its agonising monotony, narrowness, and absolute uncongeniality, how my spirit frets and champs its unbreakable fetters — all in vain!"
Consequently,  (Silver lining and all) I was going to close this blog but I have decided to maintain it just to keep myself honest by capturing all the adventures I manage to cram in, to spite work and the black dog.

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