Saturday, 5 December 2015

Danish 101 - Yule frokost

A danish tradition leading up to Christmas(Yule) is to have Yulefrokost (Christmas Lunch) parties. In spite of the name these can be anything from brunch through to dinner. 

Only traditional food is severed including;
  • Ribbensteg (roast rib steak pork dish with crackling) 
  • Grønkal (creamy Kale veggie dish), 
  • Hviskal (creamy white cabage like mashed potatoe), 
  • Yulemedister (a 40cm long pork sausage spiralled), 
  • Slid (picked herring, and curried pickled herring), 
  • Ruggebrød ( a dark rye bread in thin slices) 
  • Rødkal (red cabbage often pickled), 
  • Frykadele (small danish meatballs from pork and veal).

Of course this is Denmark so the beverages are not forgotten. Another tradition around Christmas is that most breweries release a limited run Yulebryg (Christmas brew) this just means that all the standard brews are increased in alcohol  content by 1-2%, are made slightly darker and come with suitably festive labelling. Snaps (schnapps) of various styles including Aquavit is consumed in shots at every toast during a meal ie every few minutes. There is also a glühwein type drink that is served warm named Gløgg. The one pictured has rum and chocolate in it.

At these events there are formal speeches usually covering the year past and traditional singing (every one is given a printed song sheet). Sounds awful but I really like it.

Our selection snaps, gløgg  and julebryg

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